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Eon OneEonTM One Technical Specifications

Clinical Chemistry

The next generation semi-automated clinical chemistry analyser

Test Methods Store up to 400 test methods
Up to 5 profiles can be stored
Touch Screen Operation
Programming Patient orientated analysis sequence
Operator Interface e Touch Screen (colour)
Embedded Eon-one Manager software
English Language
Measurement System
Photometric Systems Quartz Halogen lamp (10W 6V )
6λs (340/405/510/546/578/620) – 2 free positions
Mono and Bichromatic measurement
Optical linearity to 3 Absorbance Units (1cm)
Photo diode detector (320 - 1000nm)
35µL glass flow cell
Temperature controlled (37° ±0.1° C)
Aspiration Internal peristaltic pump
Data Collection and Management
Analytical modes Kinetic Rates (KR) with linearity check
Options include:
KR with sample blank rate
KR without sample blank rate
Endpoints (EP)
Options include:
EP with or without reagent blank
EP with sample blank
EP Bichromatic with or without sample blank
Initial Rates
2-Point rate (fixed time) with or without sample blank
Measuring Time Programmable from 1 to 998 seconds
Delay Time Programmable from 1 to 998 seconds
Warm Up Time <5 minutes
Blanking Automatic zero setting
Test Results Graphical plot of all measuring point
1 GB memory free for patient storage
Retrieve stored results by test or by patient
Calibration and Quality Control
Calibration modes Standard, Multi standard, Factor, Linear, Polynomial, Quadratic and Spline
QC Levey-Jennings Plots (30 or 90 days)
Physical Characteristics / Requirements
Dimensions 23W x26Hx40D (cm)
Weight 9kg
Electrical Requirements Line Voltage 100-240 V (+/- 10%)
Line Frequency 50/60 Hz
Regulatory Approvals CE marking
98/79/EC compliance