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Eon OneEonTM One

Clinical Chemistry

The next generation semi-automated clinical chemistry analyser

Analyser Eon One

The Eon family of clinical chemistry systems, comprising of the Eon One, Eon 100 and Eon 300, represent the next generation in compact systems for the laboratory.

The Eon One is a fully programmable semi automated clinical chemistry analyser, designed for in vitro diagnostic use.

Controlled by an internal computer and operated through an innovative and user friendly software package “Eon One Manager”, the Eon one is the most advanced semi automated clinical chemistry analyser available.

Features of the Eon One include:


  • Able to perform colourimetric, turbidimetric, endpoint and kinetic assays, the Eon one is capable of running most routine clinical diagnostics assays.


  • Modern and robust European design and manufacture, ensures consistent and reliable results.

Improved Productivity & Efficiency:

  • Touch screen operation.
  • Intuitive operator menu with on screen display (colour) of instructions.
  • Minimal maintenance requirements.
  • USB port for back up and data storage on portable memory device.

Reliable and consistent performance; modern design features; convenience; and versatility, make the Eon One the number one choice for your laboratory.

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