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eon 100EonTM 100

Clinical Chemistry

The next generation of advanced chemistry systems

Analyser Eon 100

The Eon family of clinical chemistry systems, comprising of the Eon One, Eon 100 and Eon 300, represent the next generation in compact systems for the laboratory.

The Eon 100 is a fully automated bench-top chemistry system, which has been designed to meet the needs of the small to medium size laboratory, satellite laboratory, or to provide extra capacity to perform low volume and esoteric tests in high volume laboratories.

Features of the Eon 100 include:


  • Comprehensive system menu that includes general chemistries, electrolytes (optional), serum proteins, and specific markers such as hsCRP (available in 2011) & HbA1c (available in 2011), allowing consolidation of your testing needs.
  • Capable of performing tests that require three reagents, providing for future menu expansion.


  • Modern and robust European design and manufacture, combined with state of the art validated liquid reagents, ensures consistent and reliable results.

Improved Productivity & Efficiency:

  • Management of samples and reagents through barcodes.
  • Reusable cuvettes.
  • Low reagent test volume.
  • Minimal routine maintenance.

The Eon 100 features, state of the art reagents, and commitment to service and support, make the Eon 100 the number one choice for your laboratory.

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